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Care goes into selecting each item in these edited assortments, reflecting the dynamism of what's wonderful - and available - now. Access complete designer collections on the home page.

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Betsy's Style of the Week

Graffiti Leather Shirt Jacket
Graffiti Leather Shirt Jacket
Graffiti Leather Shirt Jacket

Graffiti Leather Shirt Jacket

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Blu Ice's exclusive print shirt jacket makes a super gift for the woman who has almost everything! 

Bored by plain walls and plain clothing? Graffiti may be your answer.  We don't recommend wearing this paper-thin, soft leather shirt while you're out spraying, but the print will inspire! 

Made in Turkey, entrust cleaning to leather experts.

Boxy - not fitted - you may be able to go down a size, and can wear it easily as a light-weight jacket or as a shirt.

The Art Of Dressing Well 2.0

Location and circumstance shape what it means to be well-dressed, but the art of mixing pieces that reflect your personality and flatter your figure remains just that - a skill and an undertaking beyond algorithms. Through regular pop-ups that provide the chance to touch, experiment, and assess in person and 24/7 access to a world of curated items, the creation of appropriate, stylish, and self-expressive looks continues...

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March 17 - 20  2022
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Wearing Love

Every day when we dress, we think about how our choices help us meet the day at the practical level of being ready for activities and at the deeper level of communicating with everyone we encounter. Wearing Love will grow gradually as we add newly-designed pieces from the big-hearted designers you already know, and curate others that meet our dear ones' needs for ease of wear and care, and the joy of good style! 

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Laced Cable Poncho
Laced Cable Poncho

Laced Cable Poncho

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This Beautiful Laced Cable Poncho From Kinross Cashmere is Expertly Crafted From For Optimal Style and Comfort.