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For all of human history and across all cultures, fibers connect us. From their earliest use to make cords, nets, and our first garments to the most sophisticated use of woven graphene, the fiber industry manifests our genius for invention, artistry, cooperation, and adventure. 

An extraordinary, unending dance began the day one person handed another that first twist of plant fibers. Today's specialty retailers choreograph their own steps in the dance, as do the consumers, wholesalers, designers, manufacturers, financiers, farmers, oil producers, marketers, and hundreds of thousands more whose actions and reactions bring the vast array of fiber products into being.

The Occasional Podcast touches on different pieces of this globe-spanning industry, starting with what I know best: the day-to-day business of buying and selling goods, the people I've come to know who design and distribute them, and the touchstone of the meaning of clothing in our lives.

My wish is for you to enjoy sharing what I've learned so far, and for these conversations to lead us, by unexpected tangents, to a deeper understanding of how fibers connect all of us.

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