Sarah Graham Metalsmithing

It took months of passing by and meeting Sarah's husband by chance to follow the sign on Basalt's Midland Avenue to the hidden entrance of the Sarah Graham Studio. To discover that the artist is as lovely as her work fueled the process of Sarah becoming our first-ever fine jeweler! 
Consistent with the Betsy Fisher aesthetic of refined elegance and ease of wear, and executed by Sarah and her team of artisans in 18K gold, oxidized cobalt chrome, sterling silver, and diamonds, Sarah's pieces are versatile and comfortable.  With shapes ranging from organic to geometric, Sarah Graham jewelry can be worn as easily with a t-shirt as an evening gown. 
Special and eye-catching without ostentation, a closer look reveals their inspiration and craftsmanship. Wearing Sarah Graham confers a connection with nature and a subtle femininity, and participates in the deep, human desire for self-expression through beautifully wrought adornment.