September 30, 2023

Meet Sandra from Scarlett Chase

A Comfortable Pump: Grail Found?

The Holy Grail of pumps embodies confidence and elegance, feels like a sneaker, and lets you stride through a miles-long, 12-hour stretch with ease. My conversation with Sandra Powers Murphy covers how this accomplished executive and entrepreneur took up the quest for a truly wearable pump 5 years ago and has good reasons, especially the hours she spends in them, to believe her new line, Scarlett Chase shoes, delivers the Holy Grail of pumps.

While raising 6 children, enjoying her career in finance, and supporting women asset managers with a marketing consultancy, Sandra built the Scarlett Chase team. The team combines expertise in running shoe design, orthoses, movement patterns, sourcing, and production. After 60 iterations, the brand’s core shoe, the Scarlett 75 black suede pump, gave rise to colorful pumps, booties, tall stretch boots, flats, and mules. Each Italian or Portuguese made shoe features the innovative insole support found in fine athletic shoes and an outsole cushion that adds spring and protection. 

In its evolution from passion project to primary work focus, Scarlett Chase is an integration of Sandra’s values: an appreciation of her daughter Scarlett’s strength, an homage to a gutsy grandmother, a desire to solve a painful problem in sustainable and aesthetically pleasing ways, and a commitment to constant improvement.

These pumps may dissolve women’s easy and instant bond – foot torment – but I’ll be happy to find pain-free common ground and cover it in Scarlett Chase stylish deep ocean boots!

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