April 8, 2023

Meet Iana Boyd

& Biana, Modern European Knitwear

Iana Boyd grew up in Bulgaria, dreaming of the world beyond the Iron Curtain depicted in the postcards that decorated her walls. With scant options for clothing, Iana taught herself to sew and dressed her sisters, cementing their relationship as her biggest fans and biggest critics. When the Curtain fell, Iana attended college in the US and then powered her way up the Maersk corporate ladder, blending in nicely in top-tier designer suits.

Twenty years after entering the corporate world, Iana left to focus on family and pick up the creative threads. She had discovered along the way that blending in was no longer appropriate or useful. She called on the talents, experience, and counsel of her sisters and friends across Europe and formed her knitwear line, Biana. Shaped by the need to stand out when necessary, to be comfortable always, and to suit the zeitgeist of the Post-Covid era, Biana offers the sophisticated woman the ease of beautifully designed, high-quality knit sportswear and dresses. 

Nothing happened quite as smoothly as that summary suggests. The details of Iana's dream-coming-true personal story and a rich description of the nature, manufacturing, and fit of Biana knits unfold in our conversation.  May you find Iana's story of business, family, and design as fascinating as I do!

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