Care & Feeding of your

Great Whites

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To encourage the purchase of whites without offering a little practical support would be retail negligence!

The Risk Averse

Will just say "No way - I enjoy drinking more than clear beverages." But if you share my love of red wine and puffy white pirate shirts, ultra-white shells, soft t's, and jeans, you'll find some of these tips and links helpful for keeping your whites bright.

Whites stain when they meet products we use everyday. Protecting cuffs, collars, and underarms from discoloration requires minimizing exposure to the aluminum in deodorants, to moisturizers, oils, and wax or gel hair products. The article below recommends thorough soaping and rinsing, or, if you're short on time, applying a cleansing wipe, before donning a white shirt and it details alternatives to aluminum deodorants.

Wash or dry clean white shirts soon after wearing them.

Bleach is not effective on wrinkle-resistant cotton, poly, or poly blends. Instead, try lemon juice along with your detergent. Add one cup of juice to a regular load. Our family practice for keeping white breeches and horse show shirts clean entailed an overnight soak with Oxiclean, a method I use for keeping white sheets brighter, too.

Dry cleaning keeps your whites white if the dry cleaner continuously distills the solvent in which the dirt and oils are suspended during the cleaning process. Frequent or continuous  distilling costs more - caveat emptor!