Sarah Alexandra

     Sarah Alexandra, luxe shirts that provide polish and ease for daily wear or dressing up. Meticulous tailoring and limited production runs of fine Italian fabric make each shirt a comfortable, distinctive wardrobe asset.
    Enjoy Sarah's Cap sleeve and Signature styles, which feature malleable collars that frame and flatter your face, and her classic Weekend shirt offer a softer silhouette.
    You can now also enjoy Sarah's boho's in a dress. 
    The wide range of fabrics ensures a shirt for every occasion!

    Caring for Your Sarah Alexandra Shirt

    You can have your shirt professionally cleaned or you can do it yourself at home. Whether you’re using your washing machine or hand washing, use cold water and color safe detergent. Separate dark colors. Line dry; do not tumble dry. For ironing ease, iron your shirt while still slightly damp with a hot iron. Be extra aware that when ironing the collar to iron away from the points to avoid creasing. Dark colors are best ironed from the reverse side. Alternatively, you can send your shirts out to be laundered by your favorite dry cleaner. Please instruct the dry cleaner to not use starch and to leave the collar up for the Signature Shirt when pressed so that you are free to style the shirt collar how you see fit.

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