Wearing Love


    When we dress, we think about how our choices help us meet the day at the practical level of being ready for activities and at the deeper level of communicating with everyone we encounter. 

    Daily dressing offers challenge enough, but when a friend, a family member, or we ourselves find our lives upended by illness, disability, and grief, dressing gets even harder. 

    A long day of treatments, a loss of dexterity and strength, and the need to deal with new circumstances each day make it all the more affirming to wear the right item, to know from its soft touch that one is loved. 

    Wearing Love is a collection of pieces that help you and your loved ones dress more easily and feel the love, especially when coping with difficult circumstances.  The collection will grow gradually as we add newly-designed pieces from the big-hearted designers you already know, and curate others that meet our dear ones' needs for ease of wear and care, and the joy of good style! 


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